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World Investor Week 2017

World Investor Week 2017

Catalyst Investing support #WIW 2017 and improve consumer Financial Literacy.


Catalyst supports #WorldInvestorWeek 2017

Mutual Funds INVESTING Bootcamp - Basics of Investing, Financial planning...

- Nikhil Gupta -


Promotes Investor education & protection for #WIW

lifetime investment returns are not a matter of skill. they're a matter of behavior.

- Carl Richards -


We Support #WIW & improve Consumer Financial Literacy

The really big money tends to be made by Investors who are right on the qualitative decisions.

- Warren Buffett -


Let us join in celebrating the world investor week 2017

The fundamental law of INVESTING is the uncertainty of the future.

- Peter Bernstein -


Spreading the awareness about Financially Literate

INVESTING isn’t about beating others at their game. It’s about controlling yourself at your own game.

- Jason Zweig -


World Investor Week 2017 #WIW

An informed investor is a protected investor. Plan & Invest according to your needs and goals

- Catalyst Investing -


World Financial Planning Day Oct 4 2017

22% feel strongly confident that they will achieve their financial and 17% believe strongly in their financial know-how.

- FPSB’s global consumer survey -


8 Tips for this World Investor Week

8 tips in mind this World Investor Week 2017 and every week when you Invest

- Catalyst Investing -