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How to start saving for Retirement

How To Start Saving For Retirement

How Much Money Do I Need to Invest for Retirement

When it comes to personal finance, saving, and investing, there are a lot of "it depends" or "your situation may be different." I daresay that saving for retirement is not among those - unless you are one of the very fortunate few to be independently wealthy, setting aside money today to see that you have enough for the years down the road is mandatory.

Unfortunately, inertia can be a powerful force and going from "not saving" to "saving" can be daunting to most people. Making matters worse, so much of the investment and financial advice out there is designed for people who've already crossed the Rubicon and started saving and investing for the future. What we hope to do here, then, is outline some strategies for starting the process.


Retirement is just about the last thing on your mind when you're in your 20s