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Analysis Paralysis Investing in Equities

Analysis Paralysis – Investing in Equities!

History is evidence to the fact that people have an anchoring bias to what they have seen their parents doing.


Parent's thought process leave a mark on your Fortune

History is evidence to the fact that people have an anchoring bias to what they have seen their parents doing. “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki is a classic example of how the thought process of one’s parents can change the fortune of an individual.


Analysis Paralysis investing in Equities

Statistics shows that more than half of India’s wealth is concentrated in real estate. This is what our parents have invested in. We as the youth of the nation haven’t started investing and as soon as we decide to start, first thought that still comes to our mind is buying a real estate.

Times are changing and given the developments happening in India, it’s time to move towards creating financial assets more than physical assets (gold & real estate!) but we don’t know how. Peter Lynch has said “Schools have forgotten to teach the most important subject of all – Investing.”


Start Investing in Equities

However, a bigger problem which exists before us is “The problem of Plenty”, even if we decide to start investing in equities, there are more than 6000 stocks and 2000 mutual funds to select from.

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Numerous options lead to Analysis Paralysis

This is a sign of progress – having more choices is empowering. But having to choose from those many options without proper guidance can lead to analysis paralysis - If you have spent 30 minutes in a mobile store trying to figure out which phone should you buy and coming out of the store empty handed because you didn’t want to spend a bomb on an iPhone

You would understand what I’m trying to say. Too many options would also mean that we end up less satisfied, because even once we’ve made our choice, we might feel uneasy over whether really, we should have bought an iPhone!


Reasons for Analysis Paralysis in Investing

We don’t know where to start and our parents have mostly seen everyone around burning their hands in equities and so we too are having a fear of investing. Three main reasons why we feel the same analysis paralysis when it comes to investing are firstly, there isn’t any formal investing education in schools, secondly, we don’t want to spend on a course to learn investing and lastly, we lost money by investing on tips from friends/ uncles and news channels.


Making Investment decisions to Achieve Financial Freedom

We at Catalyst Investing have developed a lot of useful content and a fact based comprehensive program to not let people fall in the trap of analysis paralysis. Our aim is to enable every person to easily navigate through the difficult terrain of financial planning and making investment decisions to achieve Financial Freedom.

At a certain point in time, it’s important to just take a decision and do something and the time is NOW.

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